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NESOS Privacy Statement

Nesos, to protect your privacy and the highest level of technological infrastructure in use In order to ensure your benefit, you have set various privacy principles for your security. This the following will be shown in the notification web site website and all sub- designated for implementation on data collection and / or use of websites and are described. Visiting and / or using you agree to all of these principles.

According to the feedback to be made to in the www. Privacy Statement os section can always do things like fix and update. the "Privacy Security of your personal information as a result of reading unda You can be aware of its determination and new developments in this sense. Nesos, its visitors or users on the website (ç Site os) all kinds of personal information transmitted to him via electronic media to third parties It will not disclose. Nesos, personal information communicated to him, described in relation to the collection of information will never share with third parties except for the purposes and will not sell them will not allow use under.  

The system can identify problems related to the site and possible problems in the In order to eliminate them, Nesos can determine the IP address of users when needed and use for these purposes. These IP addresses, users and visitors by Nesos in general terms and in order to collect comprehensive demographic data usable.

A team related to the visitors themselves to gain adjectives such as members your personal information (for example: name and surname, phone number, postal address, e-mail address etc.) They are required to submit to Nesos through the site. This information Nesos may request, other persons and institutions in which it is cooperated, by its subsidiary companies or by Nesos itself can be used in the sense of direct marketing techniques. These transmitted personal information is It can also be used to get in touch with users. Requested by Nesos information or information transmitted by the user or the transactions carried out on the Site The related information is provided by Nesos and other persons and institutions in which the user is various statistical evaluations, database without revealing the identity in any way creation efforts and market research. Provided that the user who is a member of the site gives approval in the membership agreement and payment section, In order to provide the convenience and speed to the member on the next purchases, the member credit card information is legal be stored by Nesos for purposes. Credit card and debit cards the information cannot be viewed in any way by Nesos staff and other 3rd parties. Also credit card and debit card information is in no way accessible to third parties. encoded. 

Nesos can provide links to other sites within the site. Nesos through this link the privacy practices and policies of other sites accessed, or the content they contain bears no responsibility. Personal information, name and surname, address, phone number, e-mail address, credit card information and any other information intended to identify the user. Nesos, this Unless otherwise stated in the privacy statement, any of the personal information is in cooperation with Nesos. companies and third parties will not explain in any way. Nesos, listed below in cases where the information about the users goes beyond the provisions of this privacy statement, Explain. These situations; a. Law, Decree Law, Regulation and so on. authorized by the legal authority and the rules of law in force where it is necessary to comply, b. The requirements of the agreements between Nesos and its users in respect of their performance and their implementation, c. Competent administrative and / or judicial a investigation or investigation conducted by the authorities in accordance with the legal procedure in the case of information about users, d. The rights of users or where it is necessary to provide information to protect their safety. Nesos, confidential information given to him to keep private and confidential, to keep it as a secret securing confidentiality and maintaining confidentiality; access to the public area of ​​any part or unauthorized use or to a third party the need to prevent the disclosure of all necessary measures to take and falling upon all the care is hereby promised to present this statement.

Nesos is a technical communication file for users and users about their use of the Site. Cookies. Said technical communication files in the main memory a web site to hide, the user's browser (browser) to send the small text files. Technical contact file about a website in this sense of using the Internet by storing the relevant status and simple preference settings on the computer. Easier. This technical communication file may be used to how many people used it, how many times a person visited the website, and how many times to obtain statistical information about where it remains and is designed specifically for users to help generate ads and content from user pages with dynamic diversity designed and used. Technical communication file, any other than the main memory is not designed to receive personal information. Most of the scanners are setup during this installation. they are prepared to accept the communication file, but users can contact us if they wish. or not when a file of this type is sent always change the settings of their browsers so that they can be Periodical or non-periodic surveys that can be organized by Nesos within the site the information that may be requested from the responding users, Nesos and the to make direct marketing to these users, to make statistical analysis and to It can also be used to create a special database.


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